The Woman Behind the Books

I am Ellie. I am a sinner seeking sainthood in the Pacific Northwest. I don't know a lot about many things in life, but I do know a good bit about picture books. And while I have many failed moments in the story of raising my six children, I am am clinging to the good and inspiring hope that every single one of them love books, love reading, and love reading aloud with me. 

Other fun facts to know and tell?  I am an introvert living an extrovert's life. I am of the melancholic temperament with just enough choleric-spice to keep my husband on his toes. I dabble in many crafting/artistic trades— photography, painting, drawing, sewing. But nothing has my heart like writing. I've been writing as long as I can remember. Some of this is captured in the excellent, PRINTED (!) journal I help co-create: Soul Gardening Journal. At other times, I scribble down stories for my children or poetry for myself and freelance for other projects here and there.

I love maps, board games, thunder storms and birch trees. In another life, I'd be a linguist or a beekeeper. I am guilty of the sins of distraction, not answering phone calls, and paying exorbitant amounts of money in library fees... (ahem, among some other things that I'll spare you)

This blog exists to celebrate all that is good, noble, beautiful and true in children's literature. Mostly light, occasionally heavy, always with the inordinate focus on how picture books can pretty much save humanity. May I do the topic justice...


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