Little Free Library

It's finished! Last month, I begged my husband to build me a little library to put in our front yard. He has exceeded my expectations... and I am delighted that we are now home to our city's first Free Little Library.

Check out these images from our grand opening!

Unspoken: Pick of the Week

I picked up Unspoken: A Story From the Underground Railroad thinking it was pre-Civil War but it is clearly in the midst of it.  It's a wordless book (a genre of which I'm an admiring fan) and the pictures are muted pencil drawings throughout.  Unlike other Civil War stories, this doesn't highlight either tragedy or heroism really... it just sort of shows a simple piece of reality in some "safe houses" where a little girl finds a runaway slave and acts to secretly help the person in small ways. The Confederate soldiers come by and the family has nothing to say...

A lovely book, best shared in a bigger context of the Underground Railroad, and other more complete Civil War studies.


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